Kasikas: JR Borja Bridge as of 6/2/2014



The Max Suniel St cor Vamenta Blvd approach of the JR Borja Bridge is now being completed. The two-lane bridge is now connected to Vamenta, and is now being smoothed out to maintain road grade/level.

IMG_0150 IMG_0152 IMG_0154 IMG_0159 IMG_0160

CEPALCO, city telephone and utilities providers are yet to remove and rewire the posts blocking the way.


On the Burgos approach, the bridge is not yet connected as it is blocked by a residential building. Concrete on Burgos corner JR Borja Streets however, are being hammered away to accommodate the landing of the bridge end, in which the road grade will be increased to match the level of the bridge, and quite possibly, to match the level of Capistrano Street to avoid sloping the road.20140604-075648.jpg

While the bridge trusses are quite similar to Ysalina Bridge, one element that sets it apart from other bridges in the city is the use of decorative concrete as railings for both sides. This is, after all, being dubbed as the “Spanish Bridge”.20140604-075706.jpg

20140604-075717.jpg 20140604-075728.jpg 20140604-075741.jpg


When this bridge will be complete, it will accommodate 2-lane traffic. We have a hunch that this will either operate as is, or this and Ysalina Bridge will be turned into one way roads to avoid clogging it with traffic (provided that parts of JR Borja are already one-way).