Primavera reveals #Me&Mom winner

Primavera Residences celebrated mothers day with a photo contest dubbed as #Me&Mom. Participants were asked to submit their favorite photos with their mom and had to explain why they have the best mother in the world. Of all the entries submitted, Leah Kristina Alon-Zaragoza captured the judges’ hearts.

Leah’s photo was taken during her wedding day. The picture perfectly captured Leah and her mom’s beautiful smiles which clearly shows the overflowing happiness that they felt that day.


On why her mom is the best in the world, Leah briefly but concisely explained, “I have the best mom in the world because she’s my inspiration, my confidante, my teacher – she’s my bestfriend and my everything! Her love makes me the richest daughter on earth. My super mom is the best mommy in the world!” As the winner, she wins a spa package for her mom.

Leah is a registered nurse. She is a graduate of Xavier University. She happens to be my batchmate. Congrats. =)