Summer 2014: Their most memorable experiences….

It’s the last day of May. The happy and sunny summer season is about to end.

Oh well, I always feel that separation anxiety every time I say good bye to summer. It’s quite heavy to my emotion every time I see the summer skies fading and slowly become gloomy. But, the good thing about summer is that it always leaves us with memorable and cheerful experiences worth reminiscing.

I am not going to share my most memorable summer 2014 escapades in this article. Instead, I asked my friends to share their stories, of what makes this summer truly memorable, exciting, and unique for them.

Vincent Tom Udasco

Random escapades can sometimes be much more fun and unforgettable than ones planned ahead. My most recent trip to Cebu left an entirely new perspective in life for me. Though I’ve been going to the Queen City of South every now and then – I could probably say I’m a Cebuano by heart – Cebu always gives me something new and exciting to discover in each and every visit! When going to Cebu, normally I’d book for a return ticket for CDO-Cebu, but this time, I skipped booking my return and thought about going on a ferry trip on my way back. I had no concrete plan in mind as to what to do after my folks left. May 9, 2012, I flew in from CdeO-Laguindingan Airport to Cebu City with my beloved aunt and uncle to send them off back to their home abroad, after a long vacation here in the Philippines. I said goodbyes to them the following day at MCIA. I made a few prospect itinerary few days before, but the best idea came popping on my mind, on my back to downtown Cebu.  So on that same day, I called some friends; we took a bus trip going south of Cebu with 2 of my closest Cebuano friends and one from CDO.  We were headed to Cebu’s highest peak, the Osmena Peak, in Mantalungon, Dalaguete. Luckily one of my Cebuano friends owned two tents so when we reached the foot of Osmena Peak , we set up the tents at about 4:00PM took sunset photos. Suddenly it rained so hard with strong gusts of wind so one of our tents went and we had to set up again, soaked and wet under the rain. The rain stopped and we took the opportunity to climb the peak at 5:00PM. At night fall, fogs started to set in on the ravines and hills around us. I was starting to feel chills down my spine. Good thing we brought a bottle of Emperador with us, we had a small booze going on as we went deeper in to the night. Other campers were just a few meters away from us, also enjoying starry, starry night. As the spirit kicked off in our senses, I and a friend shared insights about life. This night was supposed to be a night of adventure and fun, but as it turned out, it was like a “Dear Kuya Tom” night on the radio. My friend shared to me his experiences and life; which opened my eyes to broader perspective about this tour, about friends, about Cebu, about CDO, about Cebuanos, about Kagay-anons, about life, about love, about forgiveness, and almost about everything under the stars! When we had enough of life’s drama, we went inside our tents and called it a day. 12midnight and the temperature collapsed to about 15 to 12 degree Celsius. I had no coat nor thermals on, just a piece of sweater and jeans. I chilled and froze inside my tent for five hours. Haha! The fun of random adventure, actually. The next day, we went back down to Poblacion Dalaguete and took our bus ride back to Cebu City. The whole experience of getting frozen under a tropical cold was new to me. But the best part here was life and its discoveries. 

DJ Charlie of MOR 

My memorable experience this summer is it’s my first time to ride the zip line at Dahilayan last May 24.

Lovely Labadan

Having fun at Panglao Beach has always been so unforgettable. The place is soooo romantic. Walking along its shore made my vacation real perfect .The food was so delisshhh and the people were so accommodating.

Patrick Macapondag 

Traveling to places with people who matter most, without having to worry about school matters has always been a memorable summer experience. This time, we had it in Hong Kong and Siargao last March. 

Gian James Maagad

I got the chance to attend the Digital Photographer Philippines Anniversary. It was held at Bonifacio High Street. The anniversary event was sort of a grand gathering of different camera clubs and different camera brands. So whole day, there were different speakers from various photographers bearing their camera brands. One of the imported speakers was Eric Kim. He’s from Los Angeles. Fujifilm Philippines brought him just for the event.

Photo credits to the owner

Gian Marlon Libot 

My summer 2014 has been most memorable doing humanitarian work for the earthquake victims and now for typhoon Yolanda. Apart from work. It has been really meaningful interacting with communities seeing them be resilient after disasters. It’s not all nice, but the Filipino smile is powerful, earthquake, and typhoon proof.

Janey Montebon Duterte

My schedule this summer is jam-packed, not of outings and vacations, but with work! Sounds sad and dreary, but thankfully, it’s not. Whenever we get the chance, we would take a quick breather and head off to the beach to have lunch at the cottages. After that, we’d head back to work. Makes for a really short but sweet summer mini-escapades!

Dense “David Bang ” Modesto

It’s been years since I last visited my father’s hometown. Shooting the latest issue of the launchpad magazine in the island of Camiguin was exciting and nostalgic. It was a rejuvenating break for me.It was also the best way to work and play at the same time….with brilliant contributors of the launchpad-writers, photographers, stylists and models who mean much to me.

Jaysan Ray Chee 

My most memorable escapade this summer was during our trip to Enchanted River, Tinuy-an Falls, and Britania Group of Islands. It was memorable because I conquered my fear. I jumped in the Enchanted River, Climbed going to the top of the Tinuy-an Falls and Held on the banka while going to the different islands. But what makes it more memorable is being in the company of my XU-JMA Student leaders.

The sun, sea, sand, the fun, the music, and laughters of summer will surely be missed. No matter how we spent this year’s summer, whether in the beach or in work offices, what makes this season of the year truly memorable is the presence of our loved ones. Goodbye Summer of 2014. Thank you for the memories….