Pioneer House Nears Top-Off

The Pioneer House in Velez-Mabini Streets is nearing top-off. As seen in these pictures, the six-story building is on its last floor and workers are currently completing a few additions on the rooftop, which will probably house utilities such as the elevator. After the building structure is complete, glass panel cladding will start, and we already see frames being installed. Glass panels have recently been a trend in the city, which are usually accompanied/accented by aluminum cladding. Also below, you’ll notice that the first floor has a relatively high ceiling, but some parts are divided with concrete slab. This is common in mid-rise buildings designed for shared office spaces, where parts of the first floor will be reserved for the lobby and others for the mezzanine floor (additional office or commercial spaces).

This will surely add more color and corporate aura to the already busy Velez Street. And of course, more office spaces for the growing number of businesses in the city.

Photos by @red_archer of