Zing to Bring New Kind of Rewards System to Cagayan de Oro Merchants

Imagine if you will, a rewards card that leverages the Internet and Social Media to help bring in and retain more and more customers to your store. Imagine building and connecting with the community of your store’s regular customers. All these and more as  Jabez Infinity Group introduces Zing Rewards to businesses in the city, and nationwide.
Zing Rewards is a new system that will be introduced to merchants and consumers in the next few months. What they offer to merchants are a great way of earning (and retaining) more customers, improve bottom lines, and make their brands more visible than ever. 
While you might think this will be a costly setup to undergo, you’d be surprised to find that there is no upfront costs or setup fees. Everything is free, and Zing only gets a piece of the action when you have actually made your sale. All at the same time, you will have your own product portal on Zing, plus social presence. You won’t have to spend heavily on advertising or marketing costs. Plus, you get to see the metrics of customers and the purchases they make. Even how popular you have become.
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In a Merchant Mixer Event held at Limketkai Luxe, Arch. Ed Limjoco, Jr., President and CEO of Zing Rewards mentioned that the startup company aims to bring together a wide mix of merchant stores in the next few months. They envision that merchants around the Philippines will get more customers and expand their brand recognition.
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Zing is more than just a loyalty program. Zing makes it easy for merchants to connect with their customers, be it digitally or “old-school” walk in. One card, infinite rewards, amaZing experiences. Add Zing to your business now!
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Photos by Ninonins and Kim Zaldivar.