Tasty Tuesday: The Famous ‘Humbaan ni Aling Violy’

There is this famous spot in Cagayan de Oro for the tipsy or even for the highly intoxicated party people… D ‘Original Humbaan ni Aling Violy.

“Dili ka Kagay-anon kung wala ka nakatilaw sa humba ni Aling Violy.” This was the challenge given to me by a dear friend who is a true-blooded Kagay-anon. He said that during his younger years, he used to drink almost every weekend with his friends. And to help them remove the hang-over, they had one place in mind… Humbaan ni Aling Violy. It is located at the ground floor, Cogon Market. Since then, I’ve been noticing my other friends posting photos of this famous place at Facebook.

How could humba remove hang-over? As far as I know, it should be a soup in the likes of batchoy or bas-oy.

Last Saturday, I finally had the guts to try it. Together with my friends Anjely, Amor, and her husband, we went there at around 2 am after our Karaoke session. In my 30 years of existence, it was my first time to eat in a market. I had this peculiar feeling but I knew I was more excited than nervous.

A friendly guy welcomed us and guess what? In a split of second, we already had our bowl of the most sought after ‘humba’ in the city. Contrary to what I expected, the typical Cebuano humba is made of pork belly with thick sauce and garnished with hard boiled egg. Aling Violy’s looked more like a nilaga than humba. They’re using the leg part of the pork meat and almost submerged in a thin soup that has lots of spices like onions.

The main ingredient

The aroma of the spices and the seasonings blended really well. When I tasted it, the soup is indeed heaven. It’s not too sweet or salty. If you’re intoxicated, it’s the soup that could awaken your senses. And the meat is so tender and easy to swallow.

Aling Violy’s lucky charm

No one could ever describe how delicious Aling Violy’s humba than you. Try it! It’s worth the adventure of eating inside Cogon Market.