Paseo del Rio Updates: Night Cafe and Flea Market Now Leasing

Paseo Del Rio is beginning to lease out planned spaces at the upcoming Night Cafe and Flea Market, which will be opened at the defunct Sports Zone Golf Area. Seen here is the current state: the area has been filled with soil and flattened, at a distance we see gravel being spread. Hopefully this will lead to gravel-covered, or better, concreted floors, so rains won’t spoil the shopping experience with a muddy walk.IMG_0128IMG_0130Across the night cafe location, Paseo Mall is now covered in glass, and we’re hoping that soon enough, the entire mall facade will be complete and interior works will begin.IMG_0119IMG_0120 Across the mall, an open type building is being completed. This structure has been around for quite some time now, and today it is being finished, and we’re guessing this is a new night spot that will complement the opening of the night cafe.IMG_0124 IMG_0123 IMG_0122