Cagayan de Oro to Implement Curfew starting June 1

NOTICE: This is a 2014 article. As of May 27 2017, the city has not yet implemented a new curfew in line with the declaration of Martial Law.

The City Government of Cagayan de Oro is set to implement a curfew for minors aged 15 years and below starting on June 1. The curfew will start at 10pm and end at 5am. This is counted on to deter minor-related incidents such as trafficking and violence. Exemptions have been put in place however, for holidays such as the City Fiesta, Charter Day, Christmas, New Year, All Souls Day, All Saints Day, Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday. Minors attending special occasions or gatherings will also be exempted.

Fines range from 500 to 1,000 pesos depending on the offense, and jail time of 10 days to 1 month will be served depending on court rulings.