Kyle Jennerman survives the Philippine fiesta

One of the best ways to represent the Filipino culture is to host a fiesta celebration. This is the perfect time of the year when we display traditional Filipino dishes like lechon, humba, adobo, and desserts like sapin sapin and biko.

Kyle Jennermann, a Canadian who found his new home in Cagayan de Oro hosted a Filipino fiesta for the first time yesterday in celebration of Barangay Kauswagan’s feast of San Isidro Labrador. Just like any Filipino host, he went through the stress of preparing for this most anticipated Filipino event of the year.

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For someone who has no fiesta in their culture, Kyle’s preparation started from scratch. First, he had to think about what foods to prepare especially that he do not know how to cook Filipino food yet. Since last week, he had been working on this and fortunately he received lots of help from generous people. Thanks to his friends from Kagay Rafting Adventure, Viajero Outdoor Centre, and Pop Rock Cafe.


Kyle made sure that his table was laden with delicious Filipino foods. Of course, lechon and his favorite dessert mango float were there.

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Another Filipino recipe that was present on Kyle’s fiesta buffet was sapin sapin which is already rare in any fiesta preparations nowadays. Iligan’s Pop Rock Bakeshop and Cafe made this. At first, I thought it was tikoy but I was surprised when I took my first bite. It was a well made sapin sapin with a twist for it has flavors of jackfruit and ube (Filipino’s purple yam) in it.


Other notable Filipino dishes that I saw on Kyle’s table were humba, pancit, lumpia, Pinoy style spaghetti, and steamed fish. Aside from mango float, Kyle’s desserts were biko, puto cheese, kutsinta, cakes, and fruits like pineapple and watermelon.

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Another common practice in Filipino fiesta is Bring House or Bring Home (BH). The guest takes home cooked or raw food. But Kyle’s was different. His BH was wrapped with a paper bag for the hardcore drinkers… TANDUAY!

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The atmosphere was so light and friendly. There were colorful fiesta buntings.

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There were BH for kids too!

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Just like any host of a Filipino fiesta, Kyle was anxious. He really made sure that the table did not run out of food and he went around to entertain all his guests.

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But the most unique about Kyle’s fiesta celebration was the tips and kind words posted on the wall.

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There you go folks, Kyle Jennerman’s first fiesta celebration in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. I must say he nailed it and made everyone “busog” and happy. This is another success story of Kyle’s BecomingFilipino campaign.