Kasikas: Gaisano Mall Food Court Renovation

The old, elongated format of the Gaisano Mall Food Court 4th floor is now transforming into a wide, entertainment center type facility as Gaisano continues on with interior renovations. As seen in the pictures, the new layout features a wider, more prominent stage, covering the glass windows. This goes in line with the mall’s trend of producing fun activities for Kagay-anons. What’s great with the new design is the receded lights, the prominent stage, and of course the fact that they have covered the entire ceiling, which was bare before, showing the roof which was not getting any younger.  IMG_5367 IMG_5368 Food stalls are now uniformly shaped and painted, and now follows the concentric layout of the main lobbyIMG_5369 IMG_5370 IMG_5371 IMG_5373 IMG_5374 IMG_5375 The entrance is concentric as well, and new tile colors accent the new layout.IMG_5376 With regards to their main lobby’s ceiling renovation, and judging from the installed pieces, it will be dominated by inverse cones, more similar to an inverted umbrella. We have yet to see the complete and final design.IMG_5377 IMG_5378