Beautiful Sunsets in the City of Golden Friendship

Late in the afternoon, around 5 to 6:30 PM, the sun sets in Cagayan de Oro, lighting up the sky like fire of different hues. Each day the sunset comes in new hues, new strokes, and new magical light. Above, the golden sun sets lighting up the clouds and is reflected by the Cagayan de Oro River.

Limketkai Luxe Hotel and Gateway Tower look stunning with pinkish clouds and blue skies as backdrop.IMG_9878

The city is ablaze with yellow, orange, pink and blue skies, while nearby trees and faraway mountains break the monotony of the geometry of city buildings. Set here is Centrio Mall and Gaisano Mall.IMG_9927Macajalar Bay reflects the pink clouds, resulting in a surreal landscape with the Malasag and Claveria mountains dominate the horizon.IMG_9887

You just can’t get over the beauty of the mountains as they complement the beautiful fiery clouds, and how the city looks amazing with nature.IMG_9884This is another shot of the CDO River, showing the city-famous “Be Honest” sign by BCBP.

river sunset

Now that summer is almost ending, rainy seasons are starting to trickle in, and these beautiful sights will mostly be filled with overcast skies. While the sun is still out and occasional clouds come in, do watch out for the fiery skies while they’re still more frequent. It’s best to observe these amazing sunsets on higher ground or near the river or the sea.