United Nations names CDO Emerging City of Tomorrow

Cagayan de Oro, along with eight cities in the world, was named an Emerging City of Tomorrow by the United Nations in the recently held World Urban Forum (WUF) in Medellin, Columbia. The cities were chosen based on “size, fast growth, significance as part of an urban cluster linked to cross-border exchange and geographical variety”. Hosted by the United Nations-Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat), the WUF also examines pressing issues today, such as “rapid urbanization and its impact on cities, communities, economies, climate change and policies.” UN-Habitat believes the solution of these issues “will be won or lost in cities.”

Read more: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/103566/cdo-emerging-city-of-tomorrow-un#ixzz30t9azwNM


Cover photo by Mike Sivintin.