Tasty Tuesday: Kagay-anons’ Kwek Kwek

Kwek Kwek… one of the most popular street foods in the Philippines. But do you know that CDO has its own version?

In Manila, Kwek Kwek refers to the hard boiled smaller quail eggs that are dipped in orange coloured flour batter. It is deep fried then served with sweet and sour sauce. For the larger chicken eggs, it is no longer kwek kwek but more popularly called by Manileños as Tokneneng. 

Well, Kagay-anons Kwek Kwek is the Tokneneng in Manila. Quail eggs aren’t as popular and common in this part of the archipelago. How to eat Kwek-Kwek? Simple. Just dip these orange fried eggs to your preferred sauce. Choose between sweet and spicy or the regular sweet and sour then put it in your mouth. It is perfectly paired with cold soda. There you go! Enjoy your Kwek-Kwek and have a tasty Tuesday Cagayan de Oro!