Sunsets in the City

Have you all noticed that the city is blessed with beautiful sunsets recently? Following the rainy days of the low pressure, the city is experiencing hot sunny days and warm, slightly cloudy sunsets, producing a fiery sky. We were lucky enough to catch these beautiful times yesterday, courtesy of Primavera Residences. It’s a beautiful way to end Earth Day in Cagayan de Oro! The layers of the nearby hills of Canitoan and Iponan area make for an exquisite view:

IMG_8746pano-forupAs an added bonus, we were able to see a bright cityscape as  night fell on downtown Cagayan de Oro:

IMG_8801_1 IMG_8812_1

The views at Primavera Residences surely are a delight! Unit owners of this condominium are so lucky to have a wonderful location.

Special thanks to Miss Jane Duterte and the Primavera group for the sunset view heads up! 😀