Limketkai Center LED Billboard Turned On

Limketkai Center’s overpass LED Billboard, featured here yesterday, was turned on yesterday afternoon, revealing a clear, vivid display. As to what will be displayed in the screen is still not clear, but basing on the visuals we have seen (4 videos running side by side), we assume that this will contain trailers for the movies that will be shown in the upcoming , renovated Limketkai Cinemas (nostalgic of the TVs placed in the old mall entrance?). Here’s to hoping though, that it will be more than that. This board has so much potential being placed in the city’s busiest avenue.

IMG_8126 IMG_8129

To have an idea of the resolution of this display, this Windows interface gives us an idea. (By comparison, the screen at Velez-Cruz Taal shows about 1/4 of this interface)