BSM holds modeling workshop with Marina Benipayo

The modeling workshop of Benjie S. Manuel (BSM) brought to Cagayan de Oro the country’s ramp diva Marina Abad Santos Benipayo. BSM The Model Workshop was held last Saturday, April 12 at the house of Atty. Samantha S. Tan. This special edition workshop was dubbed by Marina as BSM – Becoming a Super Model.

Young girls were trained by Marina Benipayo the tricks on the runway. Even Atty. Samantha S. Tan joined the workshop who according to Marina is very spontaneous and fascinating to watch.

Marina is one of the top models in the Philippines who is also a beauty queen. She was crowned as Binibining Pilipinas International Maja in 1992. Aside from the workshop, she had a great time eating lechon with no sauce at Atty. Sam’s place.

BSM’s modeling workshop started 18 years ago with just a few participants from Cagayan de Oro. Today, enrolees have spread as far as Davao, Cotabato, and Bukidnon.

Photos by Pat Chavez, Marina Benipayo, and Benjie S. Manuel