My condo living experience at Primavera Residences

I was raised in a house that provides enough space and comfort. There, we had our own front and backyard with trees and ornamental plants. So, I grew up with the belief that a house has to be like that… it has to be like our home that stands on a piece of land. That is why when condominiums have started to become a lucrative business in Cagayan de Oro, I didn’t see it as a sound investment.

But by some anomaly of life, I happened to experience living in a condominium last March 30 to 31. Ms. Janey Duterte and the entire dynamic team of Primavera Residences gave me this rare opportunity to live even just for a night at their eco-friendly condominium. And after that wonderful experience, all my apprehensions about condo living disappeared like a fart in the wind.

I arrived there at 2pm with my companions Gel Abao and his nephew Joshua. A pleasant staff assisted us to room 910, a two-bedroom unit. The moment that we entered the room, I couldn’t help but smile because although it is smaller than our house but it’s fully furnished, very cozy, and functional. The interior design truly represents the essence of Primavera Residences, modern green living.

It has a nice kitchen suitable for frustrated chefs like me. I did not hesitate to cook there one of my newly learned recipes, “Patatim.” While waiting for the meat to become tender, the sofa is just three steps away where I watched my favorite TV shows on a wide flat screen TV.

After dinner, I could feel the rise of my melatonin. I wanted to feel fresh before heading to bed so I decided to take a bath. It was a relaxing warm bath. Thanks goodness, they installed hot and cold shower.

When I entered my bedroom, I couldn’t help but explore the view outside. I went out and stand on the balcony. Who would not take a deep sigh with a lovely view of Cagayan de Oro at night? I even saw some buildings like Limketkai Luxe Hotel from that spot. The city lights appeared like fireflies and the sky was full of stars that made me sing Don McLean’s “Vincent.” Starry starry night….

The view was overwhelmingly beautiful that I didn’t want to sleep. I just wanted to freeze that moment. While lying down on my bed, I could still see the city lights and the stars outside that glass sliding door.  Then I slowly closed my eyes and went to dreamland. It was a sound and restful sleep.

After I had the last episode of my dream, I felt something warm touched my face. It was the sun as if he was telling me “hey, it’s summer. Get up and have fun!” I immediately went to the balcony and I saw a pleasantly surprising, jaw dropping scenery. I captured the sun kissing the morning skies plus the amazing almost 360 degrees view of uptown to downtown Cagayan de Oro. In our house, we only had four trees. Here, I saw countless trees. I stretched my muscles and shouted… “Good Morning Cagayan de Oro!” (see related article HERE).

Primavera Residences may look expensive but they’re actually affordable. A studio unit ranges from 1.4 million pesos to 1.5, one bedroom at 1.8 million to 2.6, and two bedroom units can be acquired from 3.9 million to 5.1. For the floor area, a studio unit can be as big as 27 sqm, one bedroom 39 sqm, and two bedrooms at 51 sqm. It is near to almost everything you need like SM City Cagayan de Oro, Xavier University High School, and high-end car showrooms like BMW.

Beautiful, functional, classy, practicable, cozy with a gorgeous view of Cagayan de Oro; name it, this condominium has it. Whether you are looking for a home or a sound investment, Primavera Residences is ultimately the right choice for you.