It’s Here: Coin-Operated Laundry Shop

A coin-operated laundry shop is already in Cagayan de Oro. Wash and Go is the first of its kind not only in the city but in Mindanao. It is located along MC Fernandez Dolores – Velez Sts. (near Maxis Restaurant).  They are open from 8am-9pm.

So how does coin-operated laundry shop works? First, you need lots of coins. At Wash and Go, they only accept 5 and 10 peso coins. Then sort your laundry according to cloth or color. Load them to the machine, just make sure that the weight doesn’t exceed the machine’s capacity. There are machines that can accommodate 5kg, 8 kg, and 16kg. The bigger the machine, the higher you pay. Front load washers (16kg) would cost you a price range of 120 to 150 pesos. Place your laundry soap and conditioner. And switch on the machine. Just leave them if you still have important matters to attend to. Or you can also avail of free Wi-Fi at Wash and Go while waiting for your laundry.

That easy. For inquiries, visit Wash and Go at the address indicated above.

Photo by Zed Abantas