Good Morning Cagayan de Oro!

Imagine yourself waking up to a brand new day, stretching your muscles and standing on a balcony that gives you an overlooking view of Cagayan de Oro. Suddenly, a cold wind blows and you find yourself staring to the sun as it slowly rises and kisses the summer morning skies.

Imagine yourself on a spot that gives you a priceless view of Uptown and Downtown Cagayan de Oro. You are a sole witness of the gradual transformation of the city from being sleepy to a glowing princess. Everything seems fresh and green.

Imagine no more. It actually exist. There is this room that can give you this rewarding experience. You might ask where? Kagay-anons, I just got this sweet summer morning last Monday at room 910, Primavera Residences. There, you can really say… “Good Morning Cagayan de Oro!”