Limketkai Cinema Lobby Starts Major Renovation

Limketkai Center has undeniably the biggest cinemas in the city. Of course, Don Lim Ket Kai was well known for his cinemas in Capistrano Street, and these 4 in-mall cinemas were once the mall’s crown jewels. It has an iconic lobby adorned with 8 crystal chandeliers in 8 squares lit by orange neon lights.

These are now being slowly renovated to make way for a more modern design, as evidenced by the released renders. Seen in these pictures are big scaffolds, and ceiling renovation works are bound to start soon. We don’t have a concrete date on when the cinema renovations will finish, but one source has stated a July 2014 deadline. If this is true, Limketkai is poised to reclaim its former glory of being the premiere cinema destination in the city.

20140327-101222.jpg 20140327-101229.jpg 20140327-101244.jpg


Old Limketkai Lobby Photo by Kire403 at