Tasty Tuesday: Mykarelli’s Grill “Baby Come Back”

I am strictly on a diet for the past two months. But there are days when I think about foods…. those delicious and mouthwatering dishes. And I end up leaning on a table waiting for my order. Yeah right, another cheat day.

If I am going to cheat, I always make sure that it’s worth the extra calories. And one of the must try foods in the City of Golden Friendship is the “Baby Come Back” of Mykarelli’s Grill. A baby back ribs recipe with sweet sauce and sprinkled with chopped garlic. Soft, sweet, and sinful… yeah. Each slice brings you to a whole new world.

Perfectly matched with steamed veggies side dish and a cup of rice, Baby Come Back entices diners to come back at this resto. Ever since I tried it last May, there are nights when I think about it and start starving and craving. And it’s cheaper compared to other restaurants in the city.

Mykarelli’s Grill is located in JR Borja Extension. And guess what, they will open another branch at Lifestyle District on March 29. This restaurant is owned by Mags Acapulco. Know her life story here.