Primavera holds Women’s Night

Gone are the days when women are just confined to the home and kitchen.

As a tribute to the strength and resiliency of the modern empowered women, Primavera Residences organized an event dubbed as “Women’s Night at Primavera.” It was held last Saturday, March 22 at the second floor of Primavera Residences Tower A.

Two ladies who are epitomes of empowered women shared their thoughts to everyone. The first speaker was Ms. Analyn Bendijo, the vice president of Soroptimist Iligan. She read the prepared speech of Ms. Adoracion Buat, their club president who unfortunately did not make it to the event due to bad weather. According to Ms. Buat’s message, women empowerment means giving them education, profession, and the freedom to have their own properties. Empowering women benefits the society.

Ms. Rose Ann Saavedra

The second speaker was Ms. Rose Ann Maquiling Saavedra, the president of Rotary Club Iligan. She was hailed as Iligan’s Woman of the Year in 2012. In her speech, she emphasized that in every man’s success is a woman. There are so many things that women can do that men cannot. An example to this is multitasking at home. Many career women today who work in offices still have the time and strength to attend to their kids and do household chores. While men just loosen their ties and sit comfortably on the couch when they arrive home from work. This, according to Ms. Saavedra is one great example of admirable characteristics of women.

Ms. Cheryll Barriga, the vice president and general manager of Italpinas, expressed her gratitude to everyone who came to the event. As a woman who holds a high position in a prestigious and award winning company, Ms. Barriga is a good example of empowered women in the society today. And she invited all the women there to invest at Primavera Residences especially that its Tower B will be 55 percent complete in April. Owning a condominium unit is in line with Ms. Buat’s message that empowering women means giving them the freedom to have their own properties.

It was indeed a night of celebration. Everyone had a great time listening to the speakers and seeing the artworks of Nick Aca Jr. and Eli Tabasuares who exhibited women inspired paintings. Short films were also shown which are made by local producers. A fine cocktail was served by Jeannette’s Pizza, Pasta & More. The guests also had the chance to tour around Primavera Condominium Tower A.

The event ended with the announcement of raffle draw winners. Several guests were lucky enough to win free Zumba Fitness at Primavera and free overnight stay with breakfast.