Kasikas: Gaisano Puerto Updates 3/24/2014



Eastside residents will be delighted to find that their Gaisano at Puerto is on its 4th floor construction. While the facade hasn’t formed properly yet, the side facing the highway is bearing the similarities as the rendered illustration.



20140324-123823.jpg 20140324-123830.jpg

The back portion is slowly forming though, as it is still being constructed. A large area hasn’t been built on, and it’s safe to assume that this will be reserved for parking areas. Three floors have been constructed, but the unfinished beams indicate that a fourth floor will be built before topping off.

20140324-123846.jpg 20140324-123838.jpg

Across the construction work, a large empty tract of land sits idle beside the Puerto Heights gate. This prime spot could become a community mall or another supermarket chain. Which brand would you want to see here? Tell us at the comments below 😀

20140324-123856.jpg 20140324-123906.jpg