Snap Shots: The Hapsay Dalan in Divisoria

Both pedestrians and motorist have a responsibility to ensure that both parties are safe on the road.

Task force Hapsay Dalan


The new traffic code that is currently implemented in Divisoria is a laudable achievement of the Moreno Administration. Spearheaded by Atty. Jose Edgardo “Egay” Uy, the Task Force Hapsay Dalan has disciplined everyone and has successfully made Divisoria more organized.


It is pleasing to the eye to see everyone in Divisoria following the traffic rules. Kagayanons are now more cautious to cross the road using the pedestrian lane. Before, cars were seen blocking the pedestrian lane even when the traffic light turned red which is no longer seen today.


One of the annoying causes of heavy traffic in the city before is the negligent practice of PUJ drivers dropping off and picking up passengers even in the middle of the road. Ever since the Hapsay Dalan has been implemented, drivers have learned to step on their brake only on yellow boxes.

Many have been apprehended for violating the new traffic code. But no one has the right to complain. If we want a more “hapsay” Cagayan de Oro, we should all cooperate.

As a Kagay-anon by heart, I congratulate the city government for this move. But, consistency is the key. May this rule be implemented not just today but all throughout….

Photos by Cagayan de Oro City Info Network