TsadaMindaNOW: Medina, Misamis Oriental Part 1

Located in the eastern portion of Misamis Oriental and roughly two hours from Cagayan de Oro, Medina is a peaceful and laid back town. It is famous of its beautiful beaches and rich historical background.

Photo by Tom Udasco

The Filipino culture is evidently seen in this town. You can see ancestral houses here which are remnants of the colonial past. The most famous is what they call “The White House” owned by the Pelaez family.

Displayed in this house are old furnitures and photos of the famous figures of the Pelaez Clan. This family played a great contribution to Philippine politics. Born and raised here is the one and only Mindanaoan Philippine Vice President Emmanuel Pelaez, elected in 1971. And no one can deny the fact that Misamis Oriental’s first governor is Don Gregorio Pelaez Sr.

Until now, the Pelaez Clan is still active in politics. In fact, Misamis Oriental’s current vice governor is Joey Pelaez, the grandson of the former vice president. And I am lucky to have known one of the younger generations of this family, Gregorio Pelaez III who is a good friend of mine and a college batchmate.

Gregorio Pelaez III with his grandfather Don Gregorio Pelaez

When Greg brought us to this house in 2009, he told us that he can’t help but be proud of his roots. Despite their family’s status, his grandparents who are influential politicians constantly reminded them to always uphold humility and kindness in their lives.

There you go folks! It feels good to look at the past. If you want to know more about the history of Medina and the Pelaez Family, you can visit The White House located at Medina’s town proper. Next Saturday, we will visit Duka Bay… a perfect destination for the beach lovers this summer.

Medina, Misamis Oriental…. historically TsadaMindaNOW!

Photo credits to Tom Udasco