Litrato: Urban Night Shots 101 in Cagayan de Oro

Cities look good at night. The more urbanized, the better. Unlike in the countryside where the light is faint, cityscapes offer dramatic pictures of skyscrapers, high-rise buildings, expansive bridges, gigantic billboards, and roads surrounded with neons.



Cagayan de Oro, the most competitive city in the Philippines is evolving into a highly urbanized metropolis in the south where light pollution is getting more visible. For photographers, light pollution makes urban night shots look best, illuminating the sky to be full of colors.


Limketkai Center, Lapasan Highway, CM Recto Avenue, and Divisoria are the place to be in CDO to set up tripods. They are the busiest with the most light that put more emphasis and mysterious glow to each photo.


The moment the sun has gone down in Cagayan de Oro, photographers and enthusiasts start to grab their cameras and change their aperture settings. This city is getting more popular as a shooting spot from dusk till dawn.