MUST’s New Cafeteria

If you are a student or alumni of MUST, or even a visitor, you have passed around the school’s cafeteria. It was an old building beside the gymnasium, handed down from the Don Mariano days and just continually refitted. It was hot (literally) and crowded, and it has been demolished.

It will then be replaced by a new cafeteria at the back of the currently being finished Engineering Complex.  As seen from above, the first sight of it does make you think of a roll of loaf bread.

DSC05700 DSC05695 DSC05690

The sides are now more open, with steel bars protecting them. This will let natural air circulate in and will be a contrast from the hot old cafeteria, where air cannot circulate.

DSC05688  DSC05707 DSC05702

Here is the cafeteria’s position behind the Engineering Complex: