Snap Shot: Proposed Opol Boardwalk and Food Plaza

This is the perspective of the proposed Boardwalk and Food Plaza in Opol. This is a project of their Local Government Unit.

Opol is blessed with its beautiful beach strip with fine gray sand. If you are heading to the west, Opol is the first municipality outside Cagayan de Oro. This town is just 30 to 45 minutes away from the city proper. It has plenty of beach resorts connected with one another.

Aside from its beach resorts, Opol is also known for its seafood restaurants. If you are looking for juicy grilled sea foods or curious enough to try Cagayan de Oro’s pride “Kinilaw” or simply indulge your palate with delicious Filipino desserts like “Buko Halo,” this place is the perfect one for you.

Photo by Alvin Ronnie Caballero