Litrato: The Life of a Photographer

Although I can’t claim yet that I am a photographer but at least, I could fairly relate to these men behind the lens. I know how it feels when you have captured nature, history, events, or moments in a picture that can paint a thousand words.

When I bought my one and only DSLR in 2010, it became my toy, even my best friend. Whenever the wind had brought me, my Nikon was always with me. When it accidentally fell on the ground at Ardent Hot Spring in Camiguin that broke its flash, it also broke my heart.

That is why I no longer question why my friends like Mike Sivintin, the one who took that shot above would climb mountains, cross rivers, and conquer the odds just to take photos. It is very rewarding to go home with pictures that you know would give joy to other people. A camera can be as therapeutic as a dog. And for Kagay-anons like us who want to bring Cagayan de Oro to the world, it gives pleasure when we showcase the best of this city in one single shot.

Marco Hotel, Cugman, Cagayan de Oro

Alegria Hills, Cagayan de Oro

The life of a photographer… simply amazing full of fun and crazy adventures.