Coastal Road Updates as of 2/23/2014

Two lanes of portion of the new Coastal Road from Brgy Gusa has been concreted. The concreted portions end at the first culvert/bridge near Gusa, directly in line of sight with the Gusa Sports Complex.

20140226-084957.jpg 20140226-085007.jpg

The road concrete is very thick, as shown in the comparison below.  This is very appropriate for trucks, buses or heavy equipment, which will be the main users of the road.

20140226-085017.jpg 20140226-085026.jpg

The seawall is thick, and from the concrete road, there is enough space for another lane in both sides, and additionally, a baywalk.

20140226-085037.jpg 20140226-085046.jpg 20140226-085055.jpg 20140226-085104.jpg

This is where the first phase of the concrete road terminates. Note that opposite sides are ready for the concreting of the outer lanes. Concreting has also begun on the opposite side of the bridge, leading to CUMC. Construction workers have told us that they will initially concrete two lanes in the entire coastal stretch to make it easy for their heavy equipment to cross and complete the outer lanes.

20140226-085113.jpg 20140226-085122.jpg

Overall, it’s good news that concrete works have finally begun, and it gives us due confirmation that this project might be finished next year. This will surely decongest traffic in CM Recto Avenue.