Cagayan de Oro commemorates EDSA anniversary

The City Government of Cagayan de Oro held a ceremony this morning to commemorate the EDSA People Power Revolution. A gigantic Philippine flag was raised that was attended by the local officials, city government employees, and PNP to name a few.

EDSA People Power Revolution has ended Marcos regime in the Philippines. Former President Marcos declared Martial Law that killed the essence of democracy in the country. There was no freedom of speech and expression. The restoration of that freedom is one of the legacies of the EDSA People Power Revolution. And unlike the revolution that has been taking place in other countries like Venezuela, EDSA People Power was a peaceful one. Instead of throwing back stones and bullets, the Filipinos offered food and flowers to the soldiers. It was a moment of prayer, not violence.

From all of us here at Tsada Gyud, we join all the Kagayanons and all the Filipinos across the globe in paying tribute to the 1986 EDSA Revolution. Let us enjoy our freedom, but freedom with responsibility.

Photo by Gel Abao