(Full scale panorama below)

Lapasan was once a sleepy little side of town. I grew up in this barangay knowing a few of its landmarks: the once unruly, and very smelly Agora Market and Terminal, East City Central and Lapasan High, RELC, even the boundary landmark Lily Kho building at the east (which the kids mused and concluded that Lapasan Liners make a U-turn there because that’s where they should turn (liliko), and the Coca Cola Plant in the west. Lapasanons are always identified by sitios, whether you’re from Sto Nino, Agora, Baconga, Ilogon, Kolambog, Sta Cruz, San Juan I or II, or Campo (Alagar) When Gaisano City and Ororama Megacenter were still the imposing figures of CM Recto, the Osmena intersection was perceived as the boundary of urban Cagayan de Oro. Lapasan was suburban.

Today, this has all changed. With the steady rise of Limketkai Center as the CBD of Cagayan de Oro, Lapasan has been engulfed by the urban life, as well as Gusa. Construction and growth are seen across CM Recto. Agora Market is now Market City: clean, efficient, and orderly. The once wide yet lowly Don Mariano Marcos MPSC is now MUST, with tall buildings, tight land area, and an ever growing student body (and Don Mariano is slowly fading into oblivion).  Remaining open land areas are up for grabs as big investors scurry to buy them, and consequently, land owners are refusing to give in to low offers. Lapasan is no longer Lapas sa Sun. It is the Sun, and it’s hot.

Soon, whoever lives here will no longer be a suburban dweller. They will be the envy among city dwellers.

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