Traffic Lights and CCTV Installation Resumes

City Hall has resumed the installation of the new traffic lights and CCTV Equipment. Seen here are lights installed at the Tomas Saco-Rodelsa Intersection, one of the crossings in the city receiving heavy traffic. The new lights consist of a separate countdown timer and traffic lights. Presumably, these are LED lighted, but it wasn’t turned on yet so we have to wait for that.

Also spotted at Kiosko Kagawasan in Divisoria is a 360 degree CCTV Camera. This is most commonly used in streets of Manila and Cebu, and even in Iligan.

IMG_5169 IMG_5168 IMG_5167 IMG_5160Cheers to the City Government for continuing this, and bringing relief to an increasingly traffic-jammed Cagayan de Oro.