Cagayan de Oro on Valentine’s Night

I happened to pass by the South Diversion Road from Camaman-an to Upper Macasandig on the evening of Valentine’s. The road was not spared from the proliferation of Kagay-anon sweethearts (and gladly, the streets were well lit), but what strikes me most is how brilliant and how beautiful the city looked from afar. Lights were shimmering across the city, and dancing light shows dotted the city. Most noticeable is a spotlight beaming from Pelaez Sports Complex for the Singles For Christ International Conference (SFC ICON 2014). Prior to going up, cinemas all around the city were glowing red and fully packed with moviegoers, restaurants as glamorous as KaVe in Limketkai Luxe, or hotel dining such as Rosso and Misto, to fastfoods and drivethroughs, and even specialty shops were all packed with customers. Rodelsa Circle was full of cars as sweethearts or barkadas decide to have a more breathable and personal time, so its no wonder that lovers seeking solitude from the busy and packed city will prefer outlying hills with great views such as in Indahag or Macasandig. I didn’t visit the old High Ridge though, and for sure, the empty lot beside it is full of people as it offers the greatest view so far with the littlest cost.

But wherever you may have had your dates or night outs, no matter how fancy or how simple, its the stronger bond, the happiness, and the better relationship that you get out from it that would matter most, be it spent with your family, best friends or your special someone. 😀