Litrato: Gaisano Cinema Lobby on Valentine’s Day

Gaisano Mall has been trying to upgrade its facilities to keep track of the trend. And it was my first time to actually see and experience its cinema lobby last night with an all new look.

It was packed with excited movie goers, if not couples, group of friends or officemates. I noticed that one cinema really had a long line… cinema 2! And when I checked it, it’s “Starting Over Again.” It must be good so we decided to give it a try. After all, love was in the air and everybody was in the mood for a cheesy movie. Initially, everything seemed organized. People really took time and effort to fall in line. But, when the security guard finally opened the door, people started to break the line and rushed to the door. Although they no longer sell tickets beyond their seating capacity but there was no seat number provided. That’s why everybody panicked for a good seat. So, I find it a bit “off.”

But, I can’t ignore all the new things that they have placed. Each cinema has its own small lobby or waiting area with couches.

One might ask, what about inside the cinema? Are they refurbished? No, not yet. But I feel that they’re going to do it sooner or later.

Photo credits to Raphy Arcaina