Happy Valentine’s Cagayan de Oro!

Love is in the air. I’ve been seeing girls carrying bouquets. When I went to the bank, tellers looked so inspired and greeted me a Happy Valentine’s Day which gave me a smile. I saw their counters full of flowers and boxes of goodies which I presume came from their boyfriends or admirers. That’s why….

As I stepped out from the bank and walked along Divisoria, I saw lots of vendors selling flowers and balloons. Then I went to Centrio and passed by their cinema lobby. It was packed with people and their screens were screaming red. You know what it means, right? Restaurants are busy preparing decorating with different gimmicks to attract diners. In CDO, if you want a decent seat for dinner during Valentine’s, you need to call for reservation. Walk-in customers should be early. Spas and hotels are also in demand.

It’s Valentine’s Day, it’s pay day, and it’s Friday. So, I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night. From all of us here at Tsada Gyud, Happy Valentine’s Day Cagayan de Oro!