Bouquet prices in CDO

In an article of Mindanao Gold Star Daily, I found the price of the most common present this Valentine’s… flowers. In Cagayan de Oro, people flock at those flower shops outside St. Augustine Cathedral. And since it’s Valentine’s when the demand surge, the prices are expected to increase.

How much? A bouquet could range from  P500, P700, P1000, P1,500 to P2,500, depending on the kind and number of flowers. If it’s red rose, then expect it to be pricier. You may want to include bouquet accessories that are sold for P50, P75 and P150 each.

There you go folks. Remember that flowers are just representation of our love towards our special someone. The greatest gift that we can give to them is our sincerity and faithfulness. Happy Valentine’s Cagayan de Oro!

Photo by Bouquets 

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