Tokyo Bubble Tea Opens

February is the perfect time for the opening of Tokyo Bubble Tea at Centrio. The tea house and restaurant, which has been under construction since late last year, is now open to greet new customers and returning fans from their nationwide locations.

The Philippine-based brand has stores all across malls in the country, and they are serving, above all, their signature milk teas, and great tasting Japanese dishes.

Photo: Hi Guys, how's your Wednesday?<br />
Try our Volcano Maki, deep-fried salmon maki topped with a special spicy Tempura batter.</p>
<p>Perfect! :)Photo: You know you'll have an amazing day when 1/4 Japanese Chicken Leg Rice greet you on a Monday. ;DPhoto: Happy Sunday everyone!<br />
Great and healthy food available at all Tokyo Bubble Tea branches :)Photo: Try our delicious Mitsuki Fish Burger, healthy  fish patty with mango salsa, sweet lemony tartar sauce and cucumber. Perfect!</p>
<p><3Photo: Busy at work? Boost up your energy and try our very own Salmon Mango</p>
<p>Fresh salmon with a twist of raw spice in Mango sauce, nori, wasabi and soy mayo. </p>
<p>A perfect combination to continue your day right :)Photo: One of the best way to start your week is to take a sip at our best- seller milk tea's (available in hot and cold). <3 #ilovebubbletea

Head on to Tokyo Bubble Tea at the 3rd level of Centrio Mall, near Centrio Cinema lobby.

Cover photo by Maiko Francois M. Lim