Gaisano Mall’s Eyecatching Ceilings

Gaisano Mall’s recent flurry of renovations have pleased a lot of Kagay-anons. With a steady stream of changes, the mall has managed to capture again the interest of its many customers. One particular aspect that stands out is their choice for ceiling designs. Some of them are not new, but they are definitely, pleasingly quirky: concentric strips revolving around the central open space, random circles set on a powder blue backdrop, Fibonacci spirals, lighted grates, and even random boxes as shown above.

Though these designs are not what architectural trends dictate nowadays (plain, minimalism), it doesn’t appear tacky and it does make the mall feel better. We’re excited with the next designs Gaisano Mall will come up next. Kudos to the mall’s design team 🙂

(C) Mike Sivintin

Gaisano Cinema
(C) Mark Christopher Yaranon



(C) Miyuki Hikaru through CDODEV.COM

(C) Miyuki Hikaru through CDODEV.COM