4th Infantry Division Celebrates 44th Anniversary

The 4th Infantry (Diamond) Division housed at Camp Evangelista Patag celebrates their 44th anniversary (until tomorrow). To bring awareness of the Division’s duty and social activities, and to showcase their skills and equipment, they are conducting a series of demonstrations and exhibits, which includes an exhibit at Centrio Mall CM Recto Entrance. Scores of passers by line up to have their photo taken with the army’s high power firearms, and at specific times of the day, with fully battle dressed army men.

20140203-232916.jpg 20140203-232925.jpg


20140203-232946.jpg 20140203-233001.jpg 20140203-233016.jpg 20140203-233028.jpg 20140203-233037.jpg

You can still catch their Evening Parade tonight, as well as the Barrio Fiesta sa Kampo and Static Display/Demo at the Camp Grounds tomorrow.