Kasikas: Limketkai Mall’s Green Lane

Limketkai Mall has been developing the area on top of the South Promenade, surrounding the Atrium. Suitably called “The Green Lane,” the new promenade overlooks the greeneries set up outside of the atrium (the one with the waterfalls). Seen here is the quiet promenade, waiting for its opening. It is roomier than the East and South Promenades, and gives off a much more upscale feel as it lets natural sunlight come in. The length of the new section spans from the glass walls of the East Canopy (Shopwise), curving around the Atrium, then ending at the Worlds of Fun area at the 2nd floor of the South Concourse.

A few notable locators who are already setting up shop are Timberland (now open) and F&F. With these locators and more in line, we expect a much more upscale shopping experience in Limketkai Mall.

Photo by Mike Sivintin