Prom Trends 2014 by CDO Designers

It’s prom season again. Juniors and seniors are surely having that dilemma of what and who to wear during this most fabulous and glamorous event of a student’s life. Of course, it’s everyone’s desire to look and feel fashionably great on that most awaited night.

Tsada Gyud gathered the hottest opinions of famous designers here in Cagayan de Oro about the fashion trends for prom season 2014. Their ideas might match your taste.


Gown and dresses: For BSM, the trends are traditional ballgowns, serpentine skirts, romantic silhouettes, and feminine touches in sea foam green, pink, lilac, mocha and other pastel colors. For dark tones, I am into jewel tones like orange, fuchsia, navy, and celadon green with contrasting accents. 

Photo by Glenn Palacio
Makeup by Ryan Sy
Model: Keena Dacubor

Suits: Neutral shades in gray, white, navy or charcoal with monochrome or shocking inner shirts. 

Photo by Phillip Vallespin
Hair and Make-up Artist by Inyaki Yuson
Model: Vince Mathews

Price: Straight gowns starts at P 8000, ballgowns at P 12000, and suits start at P8000 but the average suit is P12000. First use is 70% of the actual price. 

Address and contact info: Visit Benjie S. Manuel shop at Block 16, Paz Neri San Jose Street, Phase 1, RER Subdivision. You may text or call him at 09270721423.


Gown/Dress: For me, the color for this year is the shade of “orchid” but I will choose the lighter shade near to pink. With regards to the silhouette I will choose semi balloon, not full balloon. It’s a “trady” trendy look, traditional but on the trend. 

Photo by Dustein Sibug
Hair and Makeup by Steph Balabat
Location: Candy Lu Residence
Model: Yvonne Yu

Suit: About the suits, the same as the usual but with thin collar or maybe if the client wants to look unique they can choose a piña silk. It is so nice to have barong suit for prom.

Price: About the price, for girls it starts at P7,000 to P15,000 while for the guys is P8,000 to P15,000. The range is negotiable according to the design. 


Address and contact info: Visit Kiko Domo at Wise Ways Boutique, Gateway Tower, Limketkai Mall. You can reach him at 09177057875 for Globe and 09989810559 for Smart subscribers.

Mavy Cooper De Leon

Gown/Dress: With the advent of the intricacies in fashion aesthetics, bold colors like red, hot pink, emerald green, canary yellow and purple orchid are among the favorites with Swarovski Crystal, glass beads, and Aurora borealis to complete the glittery elegance. Silhouettes gearing towards serpentina cut or fishtail in lavish flounce of diaphanous fabrics.


Suit: For men, classic cut of suits are on trend with more adventurous color of fabrics ranging from deep maroon to black to silvery grey.

Price: My price ranges from P 3700 to P 10000 for buy out and P 5000 for first user depending on the design.

Address: Visit Mavy Couture located in Clementino Chavez St., Macasandig.


Gown/dress: The trends for prom this year is more on the glitters and glamour, cloth would be the sequence. The colors play from blush, nude, and dark colors like emerald green and dark blue.

Photo by Fourth Legara
Hair and make-up by Keith Bryan Asok
Model: Nicole Inovero

Suit: For the suit or menswear, shiny cloth is in and the color is pewter silver. For more sophistication one must choose dark colored suits. 

Price: My buy out suits start at P 10000 while first user starts at P 8000. For buy out gown, my lowest offer is P 8000 and first user starts at P 6000. 

Address and contact info: Boogie Musni Rivera’s shop is located at 12-15 Sts., Nazareth. You may reach him at 0917 7004326.


There you go guys. We hope that Tsada Gyud has helped you with your prom dilemmas. Remember that the prerequisite to look good is to feel good. No matter how expensive or sophisticated your gown is if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, you won’t look fab. Just enjoy the night because it is meant to be magical and memorable.