Thinking of losing weight?

To lose weight is everybody’s new year’s resolution.

One might start thinking of going to the gym, jog at Pelaez Sports Center, or attend Zumba sessions at Centrio. A lot of Kagayanons have been working hard and sweat a lot but haven’t really lose much weight. What seems to be the problem?

After working out, the tendency is one might starve to death and engage in binge eating. Plus there is this common excuse that he can eat more just because he went through intense physical activity. That leads to more calories eaten than calories burned.


So, what is the solution? Eat the healthy way. And that is practically the job of nutrition clubs that is slowly becoming a trend in the city. I am fortunate to know someone who owns one, Chef Ivy Carla Bee Tee. She is a chef instructor at Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro. Aside from teaching, she opened a nutrition club of her own with a purpose of helping Kagayanons live healthy by achieving their ideal weight.

Chef Carla’s Nutrition Club helps their clients to come up with a strict meal plan with the help of Herbalife products. The first step is the wellness survey which includes collection of data such as the current fluid status, visceral fats, metabolic age, height, and weight . My result revealed that I am five kilograms more than my ideal weight and my metabolic age is 40 even if I am just 29. Chef Carla gave me my meal plan that I have to follow for ten days which includes a herbal tea and protein shake for breakfast, one cup of rice and two pieces of chicken or fish for lunch, protein shake for afternoon snack, and a cup of rice with one piece of chicken or fish for dinner. That means that I can only eat pork or beef on my cheat day. And a daily dose of exercise, brisk walking for 20 minutes is a great complement.


For P1,350, the nutrition club will provide those Herbalife products like the herbal tea and protein shake for ten days. You can take your meal at the club while chit chatting to other clients and compare each other’s progress.

I haven’t started my program yet but based from the feedback that I heard from my friends, it is really effective. One doctor reminded me that exercise is certainly a very important weight-loss mechanism, but it’s a lot easier to lose weight if you eat the right food.


Letting go of pork and rice is a hard thing to do. But I am not getting any younger. If not now, when? I am excited to start this year in a healthier way. Do you want to join? Visit Chef Carla’s health club in Pabayo Cruz Taal near Nikki Salon, that building across Gold Crest.