Will CDO, MisOr lawmakers ban firecrackers?

Malacañang Palace has called on all stakeholders to come up with safe alternatives to firecrackers after the DOH recorded a surge of firecracker injuries last New Year’s eve. The congress is considering total ban on firecrackers. But it might be a tedious process. As of now, the local government unit has the power to impose such ban.

Mindanao Gold Star Daily revealed on its article dated January 3, 2014 the views of Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental lawmakers regarding total ban of firecrackers. Although they are open to the idea but most of them would rather strictly regulate the use of firecrackers in the city and MisOr. One of them even said that she is willing to author an ordinance that would ban firecrackers in the city. However, according to her, there are firecrackers that should be exempted. Know the stand of our lawmakers at Mindanao Gold Star Daily, click HERE. 

Photo by newsinfo.inquirer.net