Spotted: A different kind of adventure in CDO

Cagayan de Oro is named as the Adventure Capital of the Philippines. We are the country’s premier destination of white water rafting and zip line adventures. But lately, a different kind of adrenalin rush was spotted in CDO by no less than the owner of Dahilayan Adventure Park himself, Engr. Elpidio M. Paras.

This video was taken at the intersection of CM Recto Avenue and Osmeña Street. Sir Elpie gave an interesting description to this video. “Our ubiquitous spaghetti wires on city streets serve as an instant Ropes Challenge Course more exciting than the one we built at Dahilayan Adventure Park! In fact, during major flooding incidents, people used the telephone and power lines to traverse the streets to safety,” said Engr. Paras.

There you go folks! Adventure is indeed more fun in CDO. Our spaghetti wires may be an eyesore but who would have thought that they save lives too.