Happy New Year Cagayan de Oro!

2013 is coming to a close at midnight tonight, and 2014 will come rushing in. To that, we wish all of our readers a very Happy New Year! Some of you might already have bought foods the other day, so sit back, relax, prepare foods and enjoy the last day of the year! To those who still have to buy supplies, go now! Supermarkets are surely full today! Above all, enjoy the night and may you have all of your fingers and toes complete when the clock strikes 12.

Prepare your coins, your polka dots, circle fruits (or doughnuts, as we assume 2013 as CDO’s year of the doughnut!) and don’t forget to jump as high as you can tonight! Which new year superstitions and traditions are you still practicing to date? Which are your most unforgettable ones? Hit us at the comments below.

Again, we wish you all the very best for the year 2014. May you all have a TsadaGyud new year!! 🙂