Pepper Lunch Thanks Cagayan de Oro

It wasn’t a long time since Pepper Lunch opened in the corner unit of Centrio Garden fronting TGIF. Now they have invited us to thank the Kagay-anons on how well they are doing to date, and how well we have received them. In a short number of days as that, one must wonder what is in Pepper Lunch that makes Kagay-anons come back for more. A question which was answered right after they have served us their food:

DSC02552  DSC02548 DSC02547 DSC02544 There are many things that make this food joint very unique. Their steaks and meat are very tender and very pleasant. They have this special serving plate that heats very quickly, but cools down very slow so you can enjoy you meal hot for a longer time. Since their plates cool down slow, you can enjoy the novelty of cooking your meal further if you want to.

DSC02561 DSC02560 DSC02558 DSC02571 Being located at the Centrio Garden and particularly at the entrance area gives a lot of value for the store. They have a great ambiance, and they can serve drinks like light beer. To note, only Pepper Lunch SM MOA and Centrio are the branches that are allowed to serve these delights, as most branches are inside the mall, hence the prohibitions.

DSC02569   DSC02542 DSC02550

And after a heavy dinner of delicious Japanese specialties, you can stuff yourself with delicious ice cream or their array of desserts.

DSC02567 DSC02568 DSC02562

So after your long day of browsing the store for your holiday shopping, make sure to have your meals here. We highly recommend the place. And for those asking, yes, you can have dinner at Pepper Lunch. 🙂

Special thanks to Pepper Lunch Centrio and Ms. Irene of for the invites.