Survivors helping survivors

Two days more to go, two years ago….

When Sendong hit us in the eve of December 16, 2011, many Kagay-anons lost their homes and loved ones. Many houses were dragged by Cagayan de Oro river. All of them were choked and reduced to rubble.

Despite that catastrophe, people from other parts of the country and from different nations extended their hands to our city so that we could recover fast. People have been introduced to different livelihood programs and one of them is the pagBAG-o project.

PagBAG-o project is an initiative of the Xavier Ecoville Multipurpose Cooperative (XEMPCO) launched last Nov 30. It is a creative collaboration between the unemployed housewives of Xavier Ecoville who produce the bags. Xavier University students and alumni are the ones that make the design and lead in the marketing efforts. These Sendong survivors have decided to give the proceeds of their bag sales to the Yolanda survivors through the Xavier University Tabang Visayas relief operation.

As we remember Sendong, we also remember the people that helped us rebuild our lives and have a brand new start. Now, it is pay back time….


To know more about the pagBAG-o project, visit Xavier University’s website HERE. (Photo by Xavier University)