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TG Year End Review: Top 10 News in CDO for 2013

Year 2013 has once again tested our characters and our very essence as Kagay-anons. We were bombarded with so many issues yet we have proven to the world that we are strong enough to stand against any adversities. This year has also brought lots of new faces and changes to the city. And here are… Read more »

TG Year End Review: Top 10 Events in 2013

Cagayan de Oro has been enjoying a wonderful 2013 full of colorful and special events. Let’s take a look at some of the major highlights: Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013 One of the highlights of Higala-ay Kagay-an Festival 2013 was the Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013, held last August 24, 2013. The boisterous celebration of… Read more »

TG Year End Review: Top 10 New Food Establishments in CDO of 2013

Cagayan de Oro is one of the most delicious cities in the Philippines. From doughnut store to fine dining restaurants, all of them are packed with diners. We Kagay-anons just love to eat and drink with our families and friends. If I may say, CDO is not just the City of Golden Friendship but also… Read more »

Kasikas: Chams Centrio

These are the things that greeted us when we took a stolen peek at the stall beside Krispy Kreme Centrio: red curved accents, red tables, red and white combo. I guess it’s safe to say that we will be expecting some sort of snackbar from Chams, which will benefit a whole lot of movie goers.

TG Year End Review: Top 10 Kasikas of 2013

In a few days, 2013 is coming to a close. In the TsadaGyud year end review, we take a look back in highlights of the year 2013. In this article, we look back at the biggest Kasikas stories, the most anticipated construction projects that left Kagay-anons on the edge of their seats. Limketkai Luxe Hotel… Read more »

TG Year End Review: Top 10 Store Openings of 2013

Undoubtedly, 2013 is another vibrant year for business in Cagayan de Oro. There are plenty of store openings that took place. This year’s openings are more on supermarkets which offer cheaper prices and better services. On the other hand, there are plenty of new clothing brands and food establishments too. But, we have decided to… Read more »

Litrato: CDO’s Cityscape by Mike Sivintin

Cagayan de Oro is blessed to have so many photo enthusiasts taking pictures of the city. Here are some recent snapshots taken by Mike Sivintin. This captured the Puerto-Sayre Highway in Barangay Puerto. On the far left is the under construction Gaisano Puerto. This shot was taken from Puerto Flyover. Cagayan de Oro is blessed… Read more »

Now Open: Magnum Express Lounge at Limketkai Center

The new Magnum Express Passenger’s Lounge is now open at Limketkai Center. It is specifically located at the first level, east canopy of the mall. It is open from 12:30 AM to 7:30 PM daily. This lounge can accommodate up to 30 persons. Facilities includes restrooms, refreshment counters, LCD TVs, and a VIP Area. Magnum… Read more »

CDO ranks 7th outside NCR in COA-AAR

As of the 2012 Annual Audit Report made by the Commission on Audit, Cagayan de Oro is in rank seven among the top 20 cities outside NCR with a financial status of P1,889,334,952. Davao City topped the list followed by Cebu City. Six cities in Mindanao made it namely Davao City, Zamboanga City, Cagayan de… Read more »