The Limketkai Drive Thru Strip

Every Kagay-anon would admit to this: Drive thrus are a convenient and exciting concept. As evidenced by commuters who prefer to ride the shortest distance, who can’t live without the trusty motorela, or those spanking new and high quality taxis rides, to the growing number of private vehicles (and the need for bigger parking lots), it’s no surprise that drive-thrus are well appreciated here in the city. One particular strip in Limketkai Center is becoming a drive thru hub, and customers can drive in and make a turn to their shop of choice. A hot Big Mac or a dozen original glazed doughnuts in one drive through lane? Count me in! Not to mention, if the access road around Limketkai Luxe Hotel is cleared out, Jollibee’s drive thru connects directly to this strip. All flavors in just one drive thru. Yeah, we could get used to this 🙂



Last photo from Jollibee Limketkai Gateway DT FB Page